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Lisa Kaye Spalding Co-Chairperson
Elaine Murphy Co-Chairperson
Ackie George Secretary
Mike Luescher Staff Liason


The Worship Committee initiates and coordinates those activities of the parish which pertain to the celebration of the liturgy of the Church and the spiritual growth of the members. It includes interested parishioners and representatives of the following areas of ministry:

The Worship Committee meets on the scheduled Tuesday of the Month (approximately seven times a year) at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Center. The following is a brief explanation of each area under the Worship Committee.

Altar Servers – Purpose: to assist the priest during Mass and other church services. Any child in the parish in grades 4 and above who wishes to take an active part in the liturgy may become a server. Training sessions are provided to new servers. They are scheduled for a particular Mass on a rotation bases.

Altar Society – Purpose: to provide the appropriate art/environment that will enhance liturgical functions and facilitate prayerful and spiritual experiences for the gathered assembly. As caretakers of the Sanctuary, Sacristy, and Prayer Room, 3-4 ladies rotate on a monthly basis, tending the church twice a week. The Altar Society is open to anyone with the time and interest. Men are encouraged to help with the heavy work.

Archives Committee - The rich history of St. Augustine Parish expands nearly 200 years. This committee’s sole purpose involves the preservation of the rich history associated with St. Augustine Church.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion - To assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and to the sick and shut-ins of the parish. After receiving special training, extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are commissioned by the pastor. They are scheduled for a particular Mass on a rotation basis. This ministry is open to adults and juniors and seniors who already have been confirmed.

Choir / Ministers of Music - To provide music for liturgical services; men and women lend their talents to make our worship services more inspiring and devotional. Parishioners are invited to participate in any of our three choirs: The Folk Choir, The Traditional Choir, The Gospel Choir; or be a cantor or musician.

Gift Bearers - Present the gifts of bread and wine at Mass. All parishioners are invited to serve in this ministry.

God Squad - Assist the priest during the celebration of funerals and other designated liturgical celebrations. Any adult (particularly senior citizens and/or those retired) may become a server on one of the several teams.

Lectors - To assist in the celebration of the liturgy by proclaiming the Word of God in the Scripture readings. After training, lectors are scheduled on a rotation basis. This ministry is open to adults and high school students.

Hospitality Ministers (Welcome/Greeters) - To create a spirit of warmth and hospitality with a friendly greeting to parishioners and guests as they enter the Church for worship. This ministry is open to all parish members.

Sacristan - To assist in the preparations needed before the liturgy to see that all goes smoothly. After a special training session, the sacristan arrives a half hour early for Mass, and sets up chalice and any vessels to be used during Mass, etc. Also helps the priest with any last minute needs. This is open to all teen or adult members of the parish and can be done as a family.

Ushers - To facilitate the gathering of the gifts and to assist in seating parishioners when the need arises. This ministry is open to all parishioners, or could be done as a family.